Top 10 “Healthy You” Must Haves for 2016

Ok. Here it is. I’ve included simple, inexpensive steps you can easily incorporate in your wellness plan for 2016. Who says your resolution has to be restricted to fitness or nutrition?

I’m always looking for clean products which actually work. Here’s what I have found, use, and love! These are all affiliate links from Pharmaca (an integrative pharmacy I order everything from and love). An affiliate group means I receive a portion of the products purchased. You may click the links provided to help me receive the portion of the sales or you can buy directly from the site. Anyhow, I love Pharmaca and their products and I know you will too. Purchases over $35 usually receive free shipping which ends up on your door step just a few days after being ordered. Also, there’s almost always a code you can enter to receive 10-30% off select items. My kind of deal!

  1. Flax Oil for healthy skin. It’s dry here in Colorado Springs. Between the low humidity and high elevation it’s a set up for itchy skin. My solution? Flax Oil! 2 tablespoons per day the first week. 1 tablespoon per day from then on out. It works every time. Here’s a few options for you. You will notice they vary in price. The pre-flavored one (mixture of fish and flax oils) is much more pleasant to take in tablespoon form. The unflavored one…not so much. What I do is combine 7 tablespoons of unflavored flax oil and 10 tablespoons of a yogurt, mix them, and take about 1.5 tablespoons per day. I also use fish oil. Advantages over flax, if only taking one, is it is a better source of DHA (the form most readily usable by the body). I use pre-natal fish oil whether I’m pregnant or not because it is guaranteed to be low in mercury.



                          2. Probiotics for healthy gut.We’ve all heard how fabulous probiotics are for us. You can add fermented foods, drink kefir, and take probiotics to increase your good gut flora. We have more bacteria in our bodies than we do our own cells. How cool is that how we have used symbiosis to help each other out. The bad part is when harmful bacteria start flourishing in areas they shouldn’t. You can keep your good bacteria levels out and crowd out the bad bacteria. The basic idea for the general public is to take 10 billion organisms 1-2 times per day. You can see different products vary in price. I’m currently using the Pharmaca brand because it’s a little easier on the pocket book, but the VSL brand is the one with the most studies conducted.      

3.Multivitamins. I take multivitamins daily. Right now I’m pregnant so I take pre-natals but in my non-pregnant times I’m still a firm believer in supplementing my diet with missing supplements. No, they should never be a replacement for a healthy diet but they supplement for the days we don’t receive everything our bodies need for optimal wellness. I’ve included one I have used, one for 50+, and gummies for those who have difficulty swallowing pills.

4. A clean deodorant that works! Alright, we all wear it or we should. I realize deodorant is a very personal thing. My old theory was I’d rather die young than without friends because I could never find one that actually worked. Oh, and I’m not making it myself. So here’s one I found that works! It comes in a variety of scents.          

5.Mineral Fusion Lip Balm. Here’s my clean go to lip balm. Why I love it? It’s creamy and when I’m in a pinch I can just roll it on without a mirror. There’s several colors available just for you. My favorite is___________.



        6. Love and Toast Perfume. I love Love & Toast scented products. They’re clean, light, and not overwhelming. Oh, and they’re reasonably priced.      

7.Life factory water mug. I’ve had my glass LifeFactory water jug over 5 years. It’s never broken and I’ve never lost it because it has a nice, tight cap so I can place it in my purse without worries. Much better than drinking out of plastic and you save a ton of resources that our future generation can use.

8. LifeFactorcy Coffee Mug.  I’m just a little super, excited about this one. This mug is for hot drinks such as coffee and tea with an amazing cap that prevents spills. That means I can put it in my purse and not lose it. Plus, coffee always tastes great in glass and it’s way better for the environment (think about our littles…they need resources for the future). I haven’t ordered mine yet, but it’s on the top of my list.        

9. Tea Forte PUGG Ceramic Teapot.  I love my little ceramic tea pot especially since I’ve been learning from Dr. LowDog how teas can be used for preventative care. I steep chamomile tea in mine. Chamomile is supposed to cause a soothing effect reducing anxiety. Obviously, it’s not going to work like a valium, but creating a habit of drinking teas like chamomile may result in reduced anxiety over time. Plus, many teas have so many valuable properties (which will be discussed in a later blog) such as decreasing inflammation in the gut. With a cute ceramic tea pot like this one you just may look forward to your daily cup of tea. Make this a new habit?


10.Essential Oils: Lavender, grapefruit, peppermint, tea tree oil. Seriously, who could live without a few of your own essential oils. Use lavender for baths, mixing with coconut oil to use as a weekly conditioner for your hair or to slather on after a hot shower. All of these can be used in cleaning products such as vinegar and tea tree oil for counter cleaners, added to mop water, mixed in baking soda for a deep cleaning scrub, and the list goes on. These are my go to oils. Try them out or one of your favorite scents in a new way. Major Benefit: Decreases toxin exposures of body care items and harmful cleaning supplies.          

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