One Simple Change to Bring Confidence and Mental Strength.

Exercise was and is my catalyst for change. I completely lacked confidence when I was younger. I didn’t think I was pretty, smart, or that people even liked me. It all started with running, getting my relationships straight, and yoga literally changed my whole life. I’m happy with the way I look. I’m about to receive my doctorate of pharmacy degree and I have an amazing support system. I’ve seen it in others as well. They start working out, losing weight, and along comes mental strength as well.

Exercise.Confidence.Catalyst for change.

I’m not saying we all need perfect abs to have mental strength. I’m saying somehow exercise can be your catalyst for change. It can’t just be anything. It has to be something that scares you a bit, a new challenge. Mine is TurboFire. I’ve always had difficulty moving my arms and feet at the same time to the beat, and I’ve never learned kickboxing. So here’s my chance. It’s scary. It’s frustrating. But always at the end is a sense of accomplishment. My challenge to you is to challenge yourself to a new to you workout. Something that may scare you a little bit, make you feel uncomfortable. Here’s some ideas.  I swear once you do it you will grow in confidence. For some it may be to start walking or running. Others might join a class or start a new home workout. The options are limitless. What will you do?

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