Finally, a “Clean” Deodorant that Actually Works

I have been on the lookout for clean products and slowly replacing them as I go. Let me tell you it can feel like quite a hunt to find the one that’s just right. Well I found my new favorite deodorant. I know it doesn’t come in a regular stick but I think there’s an added benefit to this.


There’s a little stick in the jar which you use to scoop up what you will use and then you use your hand to rub it under your armpit. The benefit? Well you know how we’re supposed to regularly check the girls? You’re actually supposed to check your armpits too. If you conscientiously check while you rub, you already have half of the check over with. Plus, this deodorant actually works and contains great ingredients. My favorite is lavender sage but it comes in four other varieties as well. Go ahead. Try it and enjoy!

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