Class and Programs I enjoy: Gentle SoulFit Classes and Gentle Yoga


Why do I come? After a lifetime of relatively healthy eating and fitness habits, I gradually got sidetracked at my most vulnerable age:  my 60′s.  So a couple of years ago I was looking for a way to jumpstart my diminished strength and physical fitness when a Groupon  from SOULFIT appeared on my computer screen. It sounded like just what I needed, so I gave it a try.  Ever since then I’ve been enjoying Amanda’s Yoga classes and the gentle version of her various exercise classes 3 times a week!


Class and Programs I enjoy: SFT Group, Gentle SFT Group and Relaxation Yoga. Love them all!!! (Online SoulFit Training classes are coming soon)
Why do I come? Originally I came just to have some sort of workout plan in my life.  About a couple months in I saw results not only in muscle tone but how I felt mentally and physically.  Amanda makes Soul Fit more than just a work out she helps you understand and gives you tips on living a healthy lifestyle.


Lindsay’s Wellness Journey

I have been on a lifelong journey with fitness. Growing up in the country, my sister and I were very active outdoors. We were swimmers and bike riders from early on, with scarred up knees to prove it. As I got into later childhood and teenage years, my love of sports grew and took up the majority of my (and my poor mother’s) free time. I played basketball
and fast pitch softball, and began running track in middle school.


After high school, I went to college and continued an active lifestyle. I continued running, mostly with friends so it was considered a social activity for me as well. My early college years are when I was first introduced to the art of weight lifting. What an amazing way to sculpt the female