The Stress Flat Belly Connection?

Identify Your Stressors & Decrease Your Belly Fat for Good!

Have you looked down at your belly and wondered who is this foreign host that has attached itself here? I’ve done everything I’ve done in the past. I eat mostly clean, do my cardio, etc…but it just doesn’t work anymore. I feel like a hamster spinning on a wheel getting nowhere. I work full-time in a semi-stressful job, have plenty of outside responsibilities such as kiddos, significant other, managing home, taking care of aging parents, volunteering, etc… (any combo of the above). I’m exhausted and don’t know what to do. Well friend, I‘ve been right where you are and have a solution. But first a little background story.

It's time to start addressing the real issues...stress for weight loss.

It’s time to start addressing the real issues…stress for weight loss.

One Simple Change to Bring Confidence and Mental Strength.

Exercise was and is my catalyst for change. I completely lacked confidence when I was younger. I didn’t think I was pretty, smart, or that people even liked me. It all started with running, getting my relationships straight, and yoga literally changed my whole life. I’m happy with the way I look. I’m about to receive my doctorate of pharmacy degree and I have an amazing support system. I’ve seen it in others as well. They start working out, losing weight, and along comes mental strength as well.

Exercise.Confidence.Catalyst for change.

7 Minute Fitness App

A new app! 7 minute workout app. I love this app. They entice you with your first free workout which only makes you want more. The idea is you always have 7 minutes in a day and there’s a challenge to do a 7 minute workout with them every day for 7 months. They have smaller challenges to keep you going as well. Check it out and see if you’d like it. I’m hooked.

Here’s what they say.

Workout anywhere and anytime with our award-winning fitness app. 7 Minute Fitness Challenge is an app designed with your busy life in mind. Backed by actual research, the app can transform your body for a mere 7 minutes a day.


Finally, a “Clean” Deodorant that Actually Works

I have been on the lookout for clean products and slowly replacing them as I go. Let me tell you it can feel like quite a hunt to find the one that’s just right. Well I found my new favorite deodorant. I know it doesn’t come in a regular stick but I think there’s an added benefit to this.


There’s a little stick in the jar which you use to scoop up what you will use and then you use your hand to rub it under your armpit. The benefit? Well you know how we’re supposed to regularly check the girls? You’re actually supposed to check your armpits too. If you conscientiously check while you rub, you already have half of the check over with. Plus, this deodorant actually works and contains great ingredients. My favorite is lavender sage but it comes in four other varieties as well. Go ahead. Try it and enjoy!

Bored??? 7 Ways to Reignite your Workouts.

Alright, I have something to confess. I’ve been dreading my workouts lately. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it. Last week I even let myself take almost a full week off…gasp! I’ve been asking myself why? I’m by no means a perfect workout specimen. I exercise for the other benefits like increased energy, clear thinking, optimal wellness, preventative medicine, etc… Since I am on rotations (equivalent to paying to work), there’s not much room to pay to workout as well.

Roses are REd,Violets are Blue,Go Workout.2

I’ve thought, maybe I’m bored. Yesterday was the first day I’ve enjoyed working out.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Create Your Own Home Workouts.

I don’t know about you but I struggle to find the time to go to a gym or exercise classes. It’s not just the workout. It’s getting ready, driving, waiting for the class to start, and driving back. The whole process can add an additional 30-45 minutes which I would much rather spend hanging out with my little man and his daddy. Enter the quick home workouts you can create on your own.


I created a step-by-step guide that will help you easily create hundreds of your own workouts and even squeeze one in in as little as 10 minutes for those really busy days. Click here to get A Step By Step Guide to Create Your Own Home Workouts. No Equipment needed. I’ve only included exercises which require no equipment and there’s a link to watch videos of the exercises you are unfamiliar with. I love these workouts because you can do them anywhere: living room, kitchen, outside, in a hotel, etc… No excuses! Let’s get moving.

The 5 Pillars of Wellbeing

1. Exercise. It’s not only for shaping and sculpting our bodies. Exercise betters how you think and feel about yourself, increases your ability to learn and retain information, decreases anxiety, guard against stress, reverses some effects of aging in the brain and can bring about more of a hormonal balance in women. Plus it’s a great investment. For every 1 hour of moderate exercise you get 2-5 hours of additional life. For every 1 hour of vigorous activity you get 5-11 hours added. Now that’s what I call a great deal. Getting more out of what you put in! Coming soon online SoulFit Training Workouts.