20 Actionable Steps to Reduce Your Stress.

Why Yoga & Meditation Did Not Make the Cut!!!

Have you ever heard from a health care provider, fitness instructor, etc…”You need to reduce your stress!” They say, “Try yoga or meditation.” They then leave you with no other support. What the heck? You don’t even have time for anything else on your plate why would you add something else? You then decide to continue on and bootstrap it through your life. At least you know how to do that . It may not be optimal but you know it.

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The Stress Flat Belly Connection?

Identify Your Stressors & Decrease Your Belly Fat for Good!

Have you looked down at your belly and wondered who is this foreign host that has attached itself here? I’ve done everything I’ve done in the past. I eat mostly clean, do my cardio, etc…but it just doesn’t work anymore. I feel like a hamster spinning on a wheel getting nowhere. I work full-time in a semi-stressful job, have plenty of outside responsibilities such as kiddos, significant other, managing home, taking care of aging parents, volunteering, etc… (any combo of the above). I’m exhausted and don’t know what to do. Well friend, I‘ve been right where you are and have a solution. But first a little background story.

It's time to start addressing the real issues...stress for weight loss.

It’s time to start addressing the real issues…stress for weight loss.

How You Can Use Garlic for the Prevention of High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure.

I love using food as a preventative tool. We often forget food is medicine. It may not work like they tell us in school how a medicines efficacy is determined. What they don’t tell us is over time we may prevent disease by choosing good quality fresh foods…especially veggies and fruits. Garlic is one of them.


Basically, garlic contains allin and the enzyme allicinase which convers allin to the beneficial component allicin. Allicin is thought to be possibly effective in the prevention of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Two of our biggest leaders towards heart disease.

Blueberry Green Tea Wellness Optimizer

I love to eat/drink what is healthy and delicious. I’ve taken the green tea blueberry infusion recipe from Dr. Weil’s new book, “Fast Food. Good Food,” made it easier, and even more delicious. Why do I think everyone should drink this every day?

1. Blueberries are a source of anthocyanin pigments (a type of flavonoid) resulting in amazing anti-inflammatory properties. If you didn’t know, most of the preventable diseases we’re seeing in our friends and loved ones are due to inflammation. Eating fruits and vegetables decreasing your risk for these diseases.

Top 10 “Healthy You” Must Haves for 2016

Ok. Here it is. I’ve included simple, inexpensive steps you can easily incorporate in your wellness plan for 2016. Who says your resolution has to be restricted to fitness or nutrition?

I’m always looking for clean products which actually work. Here’s what I have found, use, and love! These are all affiliate links from Pharmaca (an integrative pharmacy I order everything from and love). An affiliate group means I receive a portion of the products purchased. You may click the links provided to help me receive the portion of the sales or you can buy directly from the site. Anyhow, I love Pharmaca and their products and I know you will too. Purchases over $35 usually receive free shipping which ends up on your door step just a few days after being ordered. Also, there’s almost always a code you can enter to receive 10-30% off select items. My kind of deal!

17 Simple Habits to Become More Likeable.

People who are good, kind, selfless, and hardworking for the welfare of others will be very deeply loved, very deeply respected wherever they go. It is a simple law of human nature that we love the highest. We want to be like such people, and we want to lead the kind of life they lead. ~Easwaran

I sometimes wonder from day to day how to be more like these people, the person that everyone is just drawn to the moment she walks into the door. They are like a ray of sunshine entering the room while others are like a gloomy cloud. I don’t know about you but I want to be like a light even if it’s just a little bitty ray to begin with. How do you know if you’re a cloud or ray of sunshine?


How do you know if you’re a gloomy cloud?

  • Are you constantly thinking of yourself and what’s going on in your life?
  • Do you wait for others to come talk to you?
  • Do you complain about your life?
  • Do you constantly talk about yourself?
  • Are you judgmental and talk negatively of others?

50 Questions to Keep Your Conversations Going.

If you’re an introvert like me you might find it difficult to come up with what to say to keep a conversation going. My grandma always says certain people have the gift to gab. This is not an ability I possess. I always fall back on a few questions, ask them sincerely, and listen intently. We all want to make people feel good and one way to do this is to ask them questions.

Be Likeable. Ask Questions.

Plus it makes you more likeable and likeable people go much farther in life.  Here’s 50 to get you started.

One Simple Change to Bring Confidence and Mental Strength.

Exercise was and is my catalyst for change. I completely lacked confidence when I was younger. I didn’t think I was pretty, smart, or that people even liked me. It all started with running, getting my relationships straight, and yoga literally changed my whole life. I’m happy with the way I look. I’m about to receive my doctorate of pharmacy degree and I have an amazing support system. I’ve seen it in others as well. They start working out, losing weight, and along comes mental strength as well.

Exercise.Confidence.Catalyst for change.

7 Minute Fitness App

A new app! 7 minute workout app. I love this app. They entice you with your first free workout which only makes you want more. The idea is you always have 7 minutes in a day and there’s a challenge to do a 7 minute workout with them every day for 7 months. They have smaller challenges to keep you going as well. Check it out and see if you’d like it. I’m hooked.

Here’s what they say.

Workout anywhere and anytime with our award-winning fitness app. 7 Minute Fitness Challenge is an app designed with your busy life in mind. Backed by actual research, the app can transform your body for a mere 7 minutes a day.